How to Play Smart Ass

We play two games every Wednesday night. Each game goes something like this.


  1. Warm-Up Round. We'll start out with a five-question round and throw you a few softballs to get you in the mood. Each question is worth 2 points. There will be an opportunity to win one "Safety point" to use later (see Round 4 below). After the last question, turn in your answers. We'll score them and then read out the answers and give you the scores.
  2. Theme Round. Five more questions, but this time they'll be built around some kind of theme. We might tell you what the theme is ahead of time or we might ask you to guess the theme based on the answers. Questions are still worth 2 points and there will be another chance to win a "Safety Point" during this round. When it's over, turn in your answers and we'll tell you how you did.
  3. Speed Round. And now for something completely different! We might give you a picture handout and ask you to identify 12 people, movies or anything else we can think of. It might be an audio round where we ask you to identify several songs from short snippets. Or we might just give you a subject and ask you to create a list of things that match that subject. This round will be worth 10 - 12 points usually. Time is of the essence here: everyone gets a safety point except for the last team to turn it in - so don't be last!
  4. Wipe-Out Round. This round could make or break you! Each correct answer is worth 2 points again, but one wrong answer will wipe out all of your points for this round. Unless . . .
    Safety Points! If you've earned any Safety Points during the first three rounds, you can use them to "protect" any answers that you're not sure about. If you guess wrong on an answer, but protect it with a Safety Point, you won't get penalized.


Once it's all done, we add up the scores and tell you who won. First prize is $40 off your team's bar tab. Second prize is $20 and third is $10.


Rules and Other Stuff